CIB  W78  HOMEPAGE Internal Structure

W78 Internal Structure

Board of Regional Representatives

W78 has appointed a Board of Regional Representatives. This group can be collectively contacted at

Task Group links

CIB TG10, Task Group on 'Computer Representations of Design Standards and Building Codes', initiated by w78.

CIB, TG33, Task Group on 'Concurrent Engineering in Construction' .


Janet Spoonmore, CERL, Champaign, USA 1983 - 1994
Harry Wagter, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Janet Sponamore, CERL, Champaign, USA
1988 - 1994
Martin Betts, Unversity of Salford, UK 1994 - 2005
Robert Amoor, Unversity of Auckland, New Zealand 2005 -

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