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w78-001 3D Visualisation and animation techniques in structural design education Mohammed Haque
w78-002 4D CAD - An efficient tool to improve production method for integration of aprtments in existing buildings Susan Bergsten
w78-005 A model based approach for construction process modelling Vesa Karhu
w78-006 A proposed IT-based approach for managing the construction brief effectively Dino Bouchlaghem
w78-008 Awareness and usage of information standards in the UK construction Industry: A survey by The SIENE Network Bingunath Ingrige
w78-009 Building management simulation centre Bauke de Vries
w78-011 Case-based reasoning and information structures in collaboration design: the use of product models for information evolution Hans Lingren
w78-012 Classification of building information - European and IT System Jan L Andresen
w78-013 Modelling the first building life cycle stages Hans Schevers
w78-014 Distance learning in engineering and construction education pros and cons Mohammed Haque
w78-015 I-SEEC: An internet gateway to European construction resources Robert Amor
w78-017 IT and e-Architecture - A technology breakthrough. A techno race or a new paradigm in business Lydia Kiroff
w78-018 Knowledge modelling of 'soft' data in architectural design Sanja Durmisevic
w78-021 Soft computing in construction information technology Ozer Ciftcioglu
w78-023 Product indentification systems for construction and facility management Stefan Engdahl
w78-026 Social architecture for sustaniable IT implementation in AEC/EPC Anthony Songer
w78-029 A tender process model for application of reliability analysis Wolfgan Huhnt
w78-032 Towards dynamic information modelling in architectural design Jos van Leeuwen
w78-033 Types and documents: structuring building project information Bige Tuncer
w78-034 VR based simulation of user behaviour within the built environment to support the early stages of building design Jan Dijkstra
w78-035 Web-based generic services for the construction virtual enterprises in the OSMOS project Grahame Cooper
w78-037 Cost and benefit assessment of IT systems in construction industry Jan L Andresen
w78-038 The development of web-enabled knowledge-based (WBK) systems for the South African construction industry Kirsten Kusel
w78-041 Integrating virtual realityh with CAD system Mohamad Jamil Sulaiman
w78-043 Stockyard layout management for precast concrete products using simulation Nashwan Dawood
w78-044 An integrated database for real-time management of stockyard "stockman", A case study in precast concrete products industry Nashwan Dawood
w78-046 ESSCAD: Expert System Integrating Construction Scheduling with CAD Drawing ShouQing Wang
w78-049 A longitude study into perceptions of the effect of IT on training, human relations and productivity in the construction industry as a function of position, age, experience and gender Kevan Heathcote
w78-050 Formalising domain knowledge for construction zone generation Ragip Akbas
w78-051 Adding functgion and behaviour to project model objects to integrate AEC information Rafael Sacks
w78-054 IT innovation within the construction organisation Dino Bouchlaghem
w78-055 IT tool for construction safety management Gregory Carter
w78-056 4D planning and scheduling (4D-ps): grounding construction IT research in inudstry practice Leonardo Rischmoller
w78-062 e-Commerce and value chain management - the prospects and challenges for the South African construction industry Lucy Chege
w78-063 An integrated approach to critical time space scheduling Jeffrey Mahachi
w78-066 Implementing technological change in construction organisations Paul Stephenson
w78-067 Building and construction extensible mark-up language (bcXML): The C2B/B2C scenario Reinout van Rees
w78-068 The integrated use of information and communication technology in the construction industry Malcolm Murray
w78-071 How do small and medium-sized consultancy poractices perceive IT in the new economy Joe Tah
w78-072 User requirements modelling and design of collaborative virtual reality design systems Per Christiannson
w78-073 Standardisation: A critical view Rudi Stouffs
w78-074 Analogy based estimation in building services Kai Rintala
w78-075 User survey on a WAN portfolio MIS used for portfolio/project management in Hong Kong Keith Futcher



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