CIB  W78  HOMEPAGE 1999 Annual Meeting

1999 CIB W78 Annual Meeting
Monday May 31
Vancouver, Canada

  1. Minutes of 1998 Meeting
  2. These were accepted as a true record of the meeting.

  3. Actions arising
  4. All actions arising were addressed elsewhere on the agenda.

  5. The Work Programme
  6. Future Meetings
  7. Any Other Business
  8. The encouragement to the working commission to look to publish work beyond the conference proceedings was noted. Possibilities included a "proceedings-plus" of further developments from a selection of papers included in the W78 1999 proceedings. Two difficulties were noted in this regard. The situation with regard to copyright and the difficulty in encouraging individuals to undertake the work involved without financial support.

    A second proposal was for members of the working commission to prepare and publish "best practice" industry-oriented booklets from their work. This idea was seen to be an interesting and valuable proposition. Again, the difficulty of motivating members of the commission to do this without financial support was noted. It was also noted that a number of members of the commission were already undertaking such activities within their own employing organisations. Any member interested in pursuing either of these two new publishing opportunites was invited to contact the coordinator at

    The meeting concluded with all expressing their thanks and appreciation to Dana Vanier of the NRC in Canada for his work in organising and hosting such a stimulating conference, and to Martin Fischer of Stanford and Thomas Froese of UBC in Vancouver for their input to the organisation.

    Martin Betts June 14th 1999.

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