CIB  W78  HOMEPAGE 1996 Annual Meeting

1996 CIB W78 Annual Meeting
Bled, Slovenia
Wednesday June 12

The meeting took place between 3.00 and 4.50p.m. following a three-day workshop. The meeting was attended by 28 people.

  1. Minutes of 1995 Meeting
  2. These were accepted as a true record.

  3. Actions Arising
  4. These were all covered elsewhere on the agenda.

  5. The Work Programme
  6. Use of Internet - A verbal report on the background to the project and progress over the last year was made by Ziga Turk, Bo-Christer Bjork, Dana Vanier and Per Christiansson. This expanded on the many discussions on the issue, and on how the commission is dealing with the subject, that had occurred during the workshop. The relationship of the work to the ESPRIT-funded SCENIC project was discussed. It was agreed that:

  7. Future Meetings
  8. 1997 - a presentation was made of the case for the meeting and workshop to take place in Cairns, Australia led by a local organising committee to be chaired by Robin Drogemuller of James Cook University. The location of Palm Cove in Cairns was chosen. The theme presented of IT Support for Construction Process Reengineering was accepted and welcomed. Alternative dates in early to mid July were discussed. The need to avoid overlap with a W92 meeting in Montreal in June, and the ASCE and AEC meetings in the US, was noted. The desirability of linking up with other related activities in East Asia or Australia was seen to be desirable in justifying travel and encouraging attendance. The local organiser and commission coordinator were left to confirm a date within these constraints and guidelines and to publish it as soon as possible
    1998 - The possibility of this meeting coinciding with a joint workshop on IT and the Environment as part of the Triennial World Congress activities was raised and welcomed. It was also proposed that the 1998 meeting might also coincide with a more industry-oriented W78 meeting to take place in Stockholm possibly as part of the activities under the SCENIC project. A more detailed proposal would be made at the next meeting
    1999 - The possibility of this meeting coinciding with meetings of a number of CIB commissions linked to a conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components was raised and welcomed. A more detailed proposal would be made at the next meeting - action Dana Vanier.

  9. Review of Past Meetings
  10. Nothing but praise for the excellent technical and social programme was advanced in relation to the Bled Workshop. Ziga Turk was congratulated for having organised such a successful event.

  11. Links to Other Working Commissions
  12. The importance of this issue was already noted by the adoption of the subject as part of the work programme. A further issue was raised by Wim Bakens of the need for CIB to identify a major theme for its overall activities for the period 1998-2001. One possibility was that enabling technologies could become such a theme for which IT and therefore W78 may be major features. The commission was invited to put forward a case for this by writing a position paper looking to draw a road-map for how IT could influence a range of CIB related subjects as an enabling technology. It was agreed that this should be done as part of the exercise of drafting a triennial coordinators report outlining major research themes for the next three years. This would be done by August 1996 by the coordinator in consultation with the commission board and with any other member of the commission wishing to become involved

  13. Any Other Business
  14. The issue was raised of the potential conflict between a number of national and international research coordination activities emerging within different countries for whom subscribing members were being sought which might be in potential conflict with CIB and with the commission fulfilling its own objectives. It was agreed that there should be correspondence between the commission and the CIB programme committee on the subject and every attempt made to reconcile the aspiration of groups such as Construct IT, the Swedish Construction IT Centre, SCENIC and CIB. - Action Martin Betts and Wim Bakens.

    The Coordinator thanked Ziga Turk for having hoisted the meeting, the Board for their support during the year and all for attending.

    June 16, 1996

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